RE-liON Mission Plan
Exponentially better tools for visualising intelligence and planning missions

Mission Plan

exponentially better tools for visualising intelligence and planning missions

Sounds Familiar?How Mission Plan (MP) Contributes
Need for IT expertise and weeks of training to operate and run digital tools.User-friendly design for specialists that know how to handle weapons. No profound IT expertise required.
Unit rotation causes loss in crucial Situational Awareness/Understanding.Visual search using 3D, Geo and time concepts to understand what happened in the past. Visual search is highly preferred to textual search as the current and upcoming generations tend to be visual thinkers.
Interoperability issues. Each vendor has its own information database format preventing easy access or conversion to other applications.Re-use the existing file and folder mechanism on your IT system to organise your data. MP just provides an easy view on top of this. This approach prevents vendor lock-in and makes it easy to keep on using existing tools to access data.
IT does not scale well with the physical infrastructure available in the area of operation.MP scales based on your operation: on a laptop for small teams to a fully networked Operations Centre where Virtual Reality suits can be used for Rehearsal of Concept (RoC) drills. The mission determines which tools you want to use, not the other way around.
Parallel collaborative planning ends up completely messed up.Monitoring in real-time what plans are drafted makes it possible to prevent mistakes early in the process instead of at the end. It also enables all stakeholders to re-use each other's information without the pain to copy paste it.
"The pilot who used VR as preparation needed little coaching from the co-pilot while approaching the LZ. It seemed like they had flown the mission before. This in stark contrast to pilots that did not use VR to prepare"--- quote from NLD Airforce Rotary Wing

Configuration #1

Mission Plan

Example applications:

  • Search
  • Data entry
  • Archiving
  • et cetera.
part of a Small Team
using MP Workspace on the road

Configuration #3a

Mission Plan VR

Mission Plan VR (MP VR) is powered by BLACKSUIT.

Example applications:

  • Rehearsal of Concept Drill
  • Include geographically distributed elements
  • Rotary wing flight preparations
  • Team rehearsals
  • et cetera

Tape & Paper

5 pax, 2 hours of preparation

Configuration #3b

Mission Plan VR

Mission Plan VR is powered by BLACKSUIT.

Example applications:

Digital using MP VR

up to 16 pax, full mission rehearsals