Solutions for Specialists

Made in East-Holland

RE-liON supplies new technology to specialists in several fields of crisis management. Our team enjoys a long-standing tradition of going to great lengths with our international clients to create user-friendly products that incorporate the latest in technology advancements.

Year 2005 - Motion analysis

Our focus is on creating advanced training and mission preparation systems. These are being designed for specialists in crisis management. People that risk their lives for you and us on a daily basis. For all our solutions, we also offer through-life support. This ensures it can be optimally utilised.

Specialists consider us to be thought leaders.

All products shipped are the result of a team effort that combines many years of (academic) research & development. Our team is a healthy mix of engineers with degrees in Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Electronics Engineering and 3D Graphics Design.

Year 2007 - Driver training

RE-liON is a privately owned development and manufacturing company, incorporated in 1999 with its roots at department of Human Machine Interaction of the University of Twente, The Netherlands. As a young company, we provided a wide set of products and services including medical simulators, architectural and entertainment visualisations, and driving simulators supporting multiple thousands of students per year spread over a numbers of different countries.

Year 2010 - RE-liON BLACKSUIT

Since 2005 we have been focusing on technology for training and operational support.