Work that matters

We provide life saving solutions using the latest in VR & AR technologies for our customers in Fire Services, Police and Defence industries, to stay relevant and be ready for operations. Building these solutions requires an almost symbiotic relationship with the end-user to get it right.

Today, we are on the cusp of international expansion and looking for a number of people to help us bring our solutions to the next level.

Although in business for at least 20 years, the atmosphere remains informal, working times are flexible and there is a great deal of freedom to decide how to solve the puzzles in your daily work. For an impression of our work, check out RE-liON SUIT, a fully immersive, multi-user, full-body motion sensing VR simulator. See the (BLACK)SUIT video at

Our Ambition

Our customers world-wide deserve the best solutions and we aim to provide them. To accelerate this, the door is always open for new talent. If you want to be a part of this adventure and are ready for a new challenge, feel free to send your resume and motivation letter to "" at "" or call us at + 31-85-7430290.

Open Positions

No soliciting please!


As team Lead Product Development at RE-liON, you will be able to determine the outcome of our product pipeline like RED/BLACKSUIT and Mission Plan. This involves the whole product lifecycle: requirements capture directly with the user, product design, improvements, manufacturing and repair. To make this all happen, you're part of a cross-functional team of specialists.

Next to product development/improvements/etc, some of the other activities:

What we desire

What we require

What we offer

We look forward to your application! You can apply by emailing your resume and motivation letter to "" at "". For questions please contact us at +31-85-7430290.


Our software team is working on solving challenges in motion tracking in indoor and outdoor environments. They will be an integral part of RE-liON RED/BLACKSUIT and Mission Plan. One of the ways to solve this challenge is using inside-out tracking and for that, we are looking for an experiences software engineer.

Next to motion tracking, we offer software engineers broad and diverse challenges, that go way beyond traditional gaming and serious gaming.

Besides motion tracking, there is also work in any of these areas:

What we require:

What we desire:

What we offer:

Written applications can be sent by e-mail, with a portfolio (CV) to " 'at'". For questions, please contact us via +31-85-7430290.

No soliciting please.


To keep up the pace of development of RE-liON's products like RED/BLACKSUIT and Mission Plan, our software team is looking for developers that are comfortable working with a mix of hard- and software and understand that our users need 'easy-to-use' solutions. As a software developer, you will have a chance to put your mark on the full product.

You will be working on any of the following areas:

What we require:

What we desire:

What we offer:

Written applications can be sent by e-mail, with a portfolio (CV) to " 'at'". For questions, please contact us via +31-85-7430290.

No soliciting please.


An internship offers a unique combination of practical, work and development that expands further professional growth. Our trainees work directly with professionals under guidance of supervisors and staff. RE-liON offers internships in software development, 3D design, industrial design and electrical engineering.

Internships in other areas are welcome to apply.

To start your application process, send an e-mail to "internship 'at'", with the subject internship, contact details and other relevant information.